Cheers, glad you are here!

Since the first time we met in 2012, we started to geek out about human friendly work places, modern management practices, employee engagement, feedback, performance management and so much more. 

Having collaborated on several projects in the past, we're proud to present our latest venture to improve the workplace for all humans involved: The Employee Performance Academy.

Armed with decades of experience, tons of stories from best places to work and a relentless desire to make work a better place, we're offering training courses, materials and consulting to help you be succeed mastering the challenges of modern work places, leadership challenges and work relationships.

We're excited to welcome you on board and have you learn with us. 

Thanks for stopping by,

Jason and Linda

About Jason Lauritsen

Hi, I'm Jason.

I'm the creator and head coach of this academy. I'm glad you are here. Here's a bit about the journey that led me to be here with you. 

When I entered the working world as an ambitious twenty-two year old, what I found was one bad experience after another. Each job seemed more terrible than the last.

When I became a recruiter, I saw the same thing with almost every organization who hired me to help them find people.


Work seemed to suck nearly everywhere I looked. In time, I decided I wanted to be part of fixing it. So, I found my way into corporate HR where I spent nearly ten years of my career. During this time, I found that work didn’t have to suck. That leadership and culture could be shaped to create great experiences for employees.

This became my calling — to help leaders and organizations fix work.

I believe that work can and should be a fulfilling experience for people. When people have a good experience at work, they go home as better people, better friends, better spouses, and better parents. And, they perform better at work.

It was true for me. It’s probably been true for you. The consequences of a good or bad work experience are huge. So, I will spend the rest of my life working to make work a more human experience.

On the personal side, I live on an acreage just outside of Omaha, Nebraska with my badass wife, Angie, our three kids and our little dog Cleo. When I’m not working, I love hanging out with my family, running, and watching sports.


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"Jason has provided excellent counsel about how organizations work and how best to improve your leadership and organizational culture. His knowledge of leadership, organizational culture and organizational action plans has been a superb fit for our organization. His balance of professional clarity, connecting to your organization and basic caring for your organization and your employees. Jason is the real deal!"

Tim Burke
CEO, Omaha Public Power District


About Linda Jonas

Hi, I'm Linda.

I'm the Head of Member Experience and an Employee Performance Coach of this academy. Excited to be working with you!  

As a twenty-two year old, I first realised my interest in people and cultures. I grew up bilingual and experienced first hand the difference between Poland and West Germany in the 1980s but it wasn't until I finished my studies in the UK and travelled around the world for one year that I understood my passion and life long quest to build bridges between all kinds of humans. 

In the last 10 years, my focus has been helping companies around the globe to create better work environments. I lived as a global nomad for many years, working and managing remotely as well as collecting stories from the world of work. Thanks to my involvement in helping to build and grow a performance management software, I got to work with over 700 companies to improve feedback as well as performance management practices.

From early on I got to experience the power of relationships, community and helping others shine. I love partnerships, creating win win situations and sharing stories to inspire everyone in making continuous small improvements. 

Hence, I am now stoked to support individual leaders to be successful, equiped to thrive and enhance the work experience for all involved.

Besides travelling and exploring, I love wood work, nature and photography. Thanks to Covid grounding me, I am grateful to spend quality time with my family, including my 96 year old grandfather. Quite a silver lining.


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